digital marketing.

intelligent insights that make people click.

Targeted and consistent messages that drive changes in behaviour, partnered with eye-catching visuals to create engagement.

Digital marketing from Bluefountain Media is supported by clear reporting and ongoing strategic management. It promotes the story your customers buy into, with the technical thinking to link campaigns across multiple channels and monitor outcomes.

Mixing creativity with strategic knowledge, digital marketing performs better when they work as part of your marketing approach. We’re here to make it happen.

Digital Marketing Made Simple

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Not Sure if Digital Marketing Will Work For You?

Digital marketing and social media have become an indispensable part of any business strategy. I speak with countless small business owners and I constantly hear this: “Digital marketing doesn’t work for our business”.
This is so far from the truth. And to prove it I will share some tactics that have successfully helped niche service companies dominate their market and bring in actual revenue.

Digital Marketing
Our Core Deliverable

Delivering Effective Digital Marketing Solutions


“The Best Place to Hide a Dead Body is Page Two of Google“. Want to find out how we can get you onto page 1 and get you seen by potential customers?


Without monitoring your Adverts how do you know what’s working? With the help of analytics, we can make small incremental changes that can take your business to the next level.

email marketing
Email Marketing

Looking to convert your email list online? We offer copywriting and email design which will convert your list into paying customers. Want to learn more? Give us a buzz today

Adwords & CPC Management

Adwords can be the most effective form of marketing you can use and should be a backbone of any online businesses marketing plan. However, your Ads need to be optimised and targeted to the right audience.

Website Optimisation

You can have the best marketing in the world but if your website is slow and unresponsive your potential customer or clients will bounce before they enter their details or make a purchase.

content creation
Content Creation

To get recognised online you need to have quality content. We can get you noticed by creating great content whilst marketing it to the right areas.

Digital Marketing Consultant with a strong focus on SEO

Learn how a strong SEO

Strategy can take your

business to the next level

We work carefully with the company at hand in crafting a winning SEO strategy which will produce results long term. We don’t use old broken tactics like a lot of other “cheap” SEO companies. Below is a quick rundown of how we produce results and get you ranking on page one of Google.

  • Website Analysis Find out what actions need to be takenKeyword
  • Research: which keywords will bring in the greatest ROI
  • On Page Optimisation Increase conversion rates


We appreciate that every business is different. We want to understand your business, what you’ve been doing, your customers and, most importantly, what your goals are. We’ll listen carefully to what you need to ensure that we know what direction to go in.​


As Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Before we do anything, we ensure that we understand what’s currently happening, we highlight the strengths and weaknesses, and devise a plan of attack.


We’re a hands on team with a love for the technical side of marketing especially. We’ll get our hands dirty while executing our carefully crafted plan of action, improving our weaknesses and doubling down on your strengths to improve your marketing strategy.


We’ve always said, “If you aren’t measuring, are you even marketing?”. Gone are the days of not being able to measure performance. We provide detailed reporting to show you your gains and where there is room for improvement.


The very nature of marketing, whatever form it might be, requires nurturing. Marketing is not linear but rather a reflection on the past to better the future and this is the very approach we take. We’re constantly reviewing what has been done and the results thereof.


We know how important communication and education is. Everyone we work with gets free access to our iMod Education courses and all your queries come directly to one point of contact – a familiar face with an intimate understanding of your project.

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