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Project Brief

JBMS Mechanical Services, based in Cambridge and established in 1992, boast a client list including the NHS and Cancer Research. With over 25 years of experience, JBMS are experts in mechanical services however lacked any online presence.

The company required a fresh, professional, corporate web design and development that would demonstrate their services in a concise and easily received way. The website needed to reflect their current branding, adopting a blue colour theme used previously for print media.

Finding the balance for a bright and appealing yet professional web design with a corporate vibe was vital to not only entice future clients but also be appropriate to potential corporate companies.

Visit JBMS.co.uk to see the website live.

01Competitor Research

02Brand Guidelines & Strategy

03Bespoke Web Design

04Website Development

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The Outcome

The project began with thorough competitor research. We collated competitors within the same area but also nation-wide market leaders to identify key design trends and brain-storm ways in which JBMS could do it better.

Brand continuity with their current logo and previous print stationery was vital to ensure their indentity was not lost with the launch of the website. We adopted the blue from the logo and used a linear style throughout the web design phase, not only did this emphasise the logo but also gave a sense “whole” and “completeness” to the design.

When drafting and planning the web design, we adopted a goal based approach. JBMS had two main goals, have a professional and appealing website to direct current clients to and also to capture future clients. So we ensured visitor contact flow was easy and consitent throughout the site with get in touch and call back forms strategically placed.

JBMS offer a large number of services and needed to explain them in depth, therefore they required a design that would deliver bulk content in an engaging way. We spent extensive amounts of time structuring the website in a way that would provide the most appropriate content to relevant clients. Mixing imagery with appealing text displays – allowed the website to provide further information without disengaging the visitors.

We feel JBMS’s design stands out from the current mechanical services market, breathes a trustworth and professional aura and will allow the company to develop even further upon their current successes.

Visit JBMS.co.uk to see the website live.