Building a brand

to disrupt sex.


The Brand

Kandid are a sexual wellness company who believe in world where people are comfortable and encouraged to open up conversations around sex and sexual wellbeing, particularly for the LGBTQ+ community – irrespective of who you are or where you come from. We teamed up with Kandid to develop & launch their brand to the world.Visit


The Brief

To develop a creative brand identity, e-commerce website, packaging design, photography, videography & brand assets that are visually distinct from competitors, gender neutral & disrupts contemporary ideals to bring about positive sexual well-being. To launch kandid with a strategic marketing campaign across digital platforms and offline acivations to gain brand awareness, media interest and grow sales.

Kandid pink mobile design
kandid blue image block

The Outcome

We researched, concepted, designed and developed a creative logo, brand identity & e-commerce website that offers a non-seedy, LGBTQ+ friendly brand that encourages consumers to be theselves. Shooting, casting and managing all product / model photography & videography for all multi-media platforms. Our strategic and intelligent approach to marketing was vital to overcome the challenging advertising rules for the industry.

We launched kandid with their #BeKandid campaign which reached over 500 thousands people in the UK, driving significant traffic to their website converting their first ever sales. We tailored our targetting to ensure we drove the most appropriate audiences to the online store – this not only reduced the bounce by 52% but doubled the average time vistors spent on


``Charle’s close-knit team really listened, providing a diverse range of skills to deliver results. Clear communication, efficient & high standards - something really hard to find.``

Josh & Greg - Kandid Founders
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Kandid girl sucking lolipop
Kandid photography team