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The Brief

Panda Packaging are on a mission to replace plastic with sustainable and affordable products. Panda Packaging preach a lively and interactive persona and required a brand identity, website and supporting product content to match. Their identity needed to appeal to both corporate and consumer markets. We worked alongside Panda Packaging to craft a bespoke brand identity, design and develop a bespoke WordPress and Woocommerce e-commerce website to launch to world and capture all the required content.




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Bespoke Woocommerce Website

As Panda’s chosen web design agency, we designed and developed a bespoke e-commerce website for Panda Packaging on the WordPress platform; incorporating bright visual designs and web-based animation to bring the website to life. We also integrated e-commerce capability with WordPress’s Woocommerce functionality (functionality removed while the business focuses on non-ecom related areas). The design of the website was crafted to engage and promote both a consumer facing side to the business whilst appealing to corporate visitors. The website and animations are fully responsive to screen size and SEO optimised. We felt page entry animation and scroll-animated falling fruit massively improved engagement. We designed and developed a bespoke website with brand identity at it’s core.

Panda Packaging Mobile Design
Panda Packaging mobile design

Brand Identity

When crafting Panda Packaging’s brand, we collated competitors but also nation-wide market leaders to identify key design trends and brain-stormed ways in which Panda Packaging’s identity would form. Panda Packaging did not have any previous brand identity therefore we created a guideline completely from scratch which would offer the fun and energic values the company holds whilst being appropriate when dealing with corporate clients. Simplistic, memorable and effective was the name of the game! Panda Packaging did not want a Panda in their logo which would have been the obvious choice – we brain-stormed related ideas in attempts not to destroy the professional persona they required. The final result allowed us to grow the identity when design the website design.

Panda packaging
Panda Packaging company logo

Photography & Videography

Creating exciting, bright and high quality content was vital in order for the web design to truly shine. Our web design agency is fuelled with a diverse team as we understand websites demand more than designs and code – our skills expand to photography too! We captured shots of the products both in the studio and lifestyle environment through a number of photo shoots. Considering the products themselves are plainer in colour, it was paramount we found ways to show their application in an appealing way. Photography of exploding smoothies and macro photography of the fruit gave the website the brightness it needed. Since the launch, we’ve become a long-term digital partner for Panda Packaging. We recently flew to Bali and filmed a promotional video that will be launching very soon – check back soon!

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``Charle were absolutely wonderful to work with. Really unique & creative ideas. The absolute A team! Whatever vision or dream you have, Charle Agency will bring it to life.”

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